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AUCA Contest!

В преддверии нового года библиотека АУЦА объявила о начале конкурса для наших талантливых и креативных студентов.

Представляем наших призеров:

Муратбеков Аман 

Кадыркулов Рысменде 

Not all who wander are lost,
Not all that glitters is gold.
Knowledge is power, can be heard from most,
Body abolishes, but wiz won’t get old.
Bounded together in AUCA,
Wasting the years, losing the way,
We call ignorance – the tool of evil,
The pandemic of fade brought to us from devil.
So, perceive the truth, open your eyes,
AUCA is the building, where enlightenment flies,
And the Library of it, the treasure of today,
Become the part of it, or just melt away!
You can find here the inheritance of past,
You can even turn mountains to dust,
You will be the herald of the wisest of speech,
Become part of it, there’s nothing you can’t reach!
Spend hours and hours, accept the real,
Find out how iron differs from steel,
Find out that everything we can feel
Is chemical reaction from greater will.
Don’t stop learning. Now you know nothing,
So let the book show you the depth of knowledge,
The width of experience, the height of the skill,
But remember, in library, don’t have any meal.

Жалилова Айжанат

Мира Джакшылыкова 

The story about AUCA Library!
The AUCA Library is one of the most beautiful and modern libraries in Kyrgyzstan. That keeps lots of funny and interesting stories. AUCA Library is not just beautiful and modern; it also so helpful, and interesting, because it is the only place in the university where students can do their homework and nobody will disturb them. Another important thing about AUCA library is its spirit, and how the library celebrates each holiday in own way, to make the library not just place for study, but also a place of joy.
The best celebrations were Halloween and Christmas holidays, where the basement library became “Hellbrary” Panic room, with all the wonderful decorations for each holiday! AUCA library takes care not just about books, but also about authors. The good example of it, is a celebration of 90-Anniversary of our famous writer Chingyz Aitmatov, with its respect! It was one of the main events at fall in AUCA library, with the participation of Aitmatov’s family and friends, with student’s performance and different interesting activities!
I love the library so much, that I came to the library almost every day! And have seen so many funny stories, with students and faculty actions. One of them happened on last week when two students were looking for a macroeconomic book, and when they found it, they saw how big it is, and because of the heaviness of the book, they found another smallest book, with hand size and with laugh took it!
AUCA library is also a place of order and help. All books are on right places, and students can get a help whenever they want!
AUCA library is also place to meet your love; I saw personally, how two people met at the library each other and started their relation. So, it is love library also, where two persons found each other!
I love AUCA library, and want prosperous for everybody who visits this library!

Ирсалиев Кемелбек 

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